Saturday, August 23, 2008


“We tear things down then rebuild them stronger, we cut flowers and trees back and let them grow out again bigger, we encounter things that bring us down—everything rebuilt is stronger because we do learn from history.”

Jeff Johnson May 2008

The other day I was driving (SEE Wednesday’s BLOG) and noticed a sign ‘Under Construction.’ I noticed the sign previously and wondered what construction was being completed. The roadway area looked very nice and my first impression was the sign was left from a completed job. Today, the sign was in a new place farther down the road. It just seems construction is never complete—there is always something to improve, areas to enlarge or shape, and issues about us we would like improved. Our lives are the same-always under construction.

When we look at things that cause us concern—think I am under construction here—the finished product will be NEW and IMPROVED. When we have areas we are ‘not so proud of in our personality’ tell yourself, “I am under construction and will have a beautiful product when this construction project is complete.” Do not be afraid to move the construction sign to another place in your life. STEP FORWARD to help in areas of strength and accept assistance in those areas under construction. Everyone is under construction in some area of life—we love improvement. You are a FORWARD STEPPER for keeping the under construction signs busy and always looking for new things to re-build or build better.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Doreen here. I really liked this post. I feel very much underconstruction with all the new changes in my life. I am so scared that I can't do it. So your post was helpful. I am still scared and I can't go backward. But I want to thank you for your blog. It helps now that I am away from the group. Please don't stop. Doreen