Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"There are many roads to peace. Peace be with you, peace be within you, peace be your desire........shhhhh........... peace comes in silence. "

Jeff Johnson April 2008

It is quiet in the night. Only the moon light fills the room casting shadows.
I can feel my body relax—silence fills the room.
I allow it to cover me.
My arms are limp, my hands are relaxed, my feet and legs are still—I close my eyes.
Touching the covers I can feel the threads in
side my fingers.
Thoughts leave slowly, my mind is slowing down.
I am not trying to sleep I am searching for an inner contentment; serenity; a state of tranquility.
Serene; away from quarrels and disagreement, absent of deadlines, removed from cell phones, my mind is almost empty—I am searching for a safe place.
No strife, no conflict, harmony within myself—removing myself from mental involvement---totally relaxed.


Try to spend some time here—see how you feel in the AM. Best served with sweet dreams .

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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