Monday, August 11, 2008


“We can be positive or negative—input controls it all.”

Jeff Johnson April 2008

We have learned through science that gravity pulls—so what goes up must come down. This is textbook physical science. I want to propose that mentally if we continue to fill ourselves with positive thoughts, surround ourselves with positive people, and look for the positive in things—avoiding the negative, we can be more positive in our life.

Everyday we make choices about children, our job, opportunities, family, and attitude. We choose what we eat, when we eat (at times), and how much time we spend doing things we like and don’t admire as much. Many control what our children see on T.V., listen to on the radio, and even the words they use—hopefully. It is just as important to control our input.

Search out positive things to put in our mind, dwell upon those ‘something’s’ in your life and claim mentally that they will turn out better than anticipated. Change our initial thoughts to a positive outlook as a first response. Create a confidence that we can and will move forward “No Matter What.” Reduce doubt, and spend more time focusing on the movements forward. This will take work and must not be confused with fantasy land thinking. However, if the positive inputs are in greater intensity and volume than negative, then positive outputs will be easier as well. Even if things do not turn in our favor—there is always a next time and more good to come attitudes to admire. Step forward in a sure manner FORWARD STEPPERS—Positive thinking brings positive output.

El Pensar positivamente lleva a un camino positivo----SONRIE! (To think positive leads to a positive walk---SMILE!

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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