Tuesday, August 5, 2008


"When we want to ‘be better’ what will that look like? How will we begin? Where will we end up and what will it feel like? It seems when we start something new there are more questions than answers. Can we just say “see ya when we get there?” Jeff Johnson March 2008

Knowing there needs to be change in some situations is easy. Wanting things to change for the better or just disappear can be easy. So, why is change so difficult to start? Many times we want change but we want it now rather then later and we lack focus. Focus requires we have a level of concentration that most irritations do not allow. The purpose of having focus is to have all energy directed at the area of change—both in positive changes to our life and removing irritations. One point remains true, when we want change we will either focus on the area we want changed or on the changes we need to make—only one focus area will move us forward.

Everyone has made changes in life. Some are more memorable than others. However, when we have objective— goals which we believe we can attain, then we remove a huge barrier to moving forward. You can make changes in your life. Presently, if you are contemplating changes or you are in the process of changing, you are already changing. The steps are already in place—it is the change in focus that you are working on now. It can be done, it can start today, and successful changes in the past can be repeated. Take the next step today, be thankful for the process of change no matter how small that you have already been passed, and move forward one more time. You are a FORWARD STEPPER—even if the steps are slow, even if the steps are small, even IF… Never give up, never stop moving forward, never let step sizes be the measurement of success—let the steps taken be the measure of success.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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