Thursday, August 7, 2008


"What is a mirror but an instrument to shine light on something beautiful—like us—and make it brighter."

Jeff March 2008

Mirrors are funny things, we can look thinner, fatter (well it’s true), smaller, taller, and almost any shape under the sun—that too. We use mirrors to apply make up (O.K. the secret is out), shave, admire our outfit, think while looking at ourselves, and an array of things not mentionable here. But when we walk away from a mirror we have with us exactly what we started with—us—what a beautiful thing. When we look in the mirror we are looking at something unique—something special—something worth developing, molding, and applying our purpose in life with the image we are viewing. Mirrors just tell part of the story—we need to learn how to see beyond the reflection.

Looking at the surface of almost anything never tells the entire story. So, why do we look at the mirror and accept a surface story, a reflection so to speak, to consume our life. Inside we are beautiful, outside we are beautiful-no matter what, what we want to be is and remains a beautiful thing and it is growing. Just like the mirror, we can make our inside and outside look like anything. Knowing we are growing, we are looking up instead of down, and continuing to find new ways to develop—even slowly—does not show up on the mirror. Keep walking FORWARD STEPPERS—there is a whole new world to seek out—do not be limited by the mirror images—because the inside is still developing. The outside may be distorted by the mirror, but the inside of us, the side that really matters is being shaped up for life. Mirror Mirror on the wall--I am the fairest of them all--on the inside too.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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