Thursday, August 14, 2008


“We tear labels off our clothes in some cases and we ‘forget’ to tear them off our clothes at other times, if only we could shed them or display them about ourselves as easily.”

Jeff Johnson April 2008

Labels stick to us and either controls us by how we wear them or we control them by how we shed them—either way, they define us. When we hear certain names in public, even if it is not about us directly, it causes ire, happiness, or mixed emotions. We can be called Republicans, Democrats, Communist or you name the political party name and a certain emotion is stirred. If we are called pretty, young looking when we are---well--- not young (I’m not going there), or told we have a nice build when---well---we ---you get the point—a certain emotion is stimulated. Even when it is not exactly true we have the emotion. Recently, someone asked me how much I weighed—O.K. it was my doctor. I told him and he told me the truth—it hurt. Later in the day I met some friends for dinner and they told me I looked real nice and it looked as if I had lost weight (NOT TRUE). I experienced two separate emotions with the same comment.
So, let’s look at how labels control our life---Yes, I still ordered chocolate cake! See, this label is still controlling my life and defining me—because I don’t LOVE chocolate.

Some labels have very hard lessons associated with them. I am not discussing these today. I am looking at the labels that stop us from reaching our full potential. Some examples are, “You are not __________, “ or “_________,” or you need/should be like_________! Get the picture—my bet is you are like me—I filled in all the blanks and my mind was still saying, ‘Hey, you missed one ______! The words that fill these blanks are stumbling stones. I use the word stone because blocks are to—well the label makes them feel hard to step over. The labels are actually made to allow us to step higher, see farther, and become stronger—WE ARE FORWARD STEPPERS.

Take the labels that are causing the most harm in fulfilling our full potential. Change the way we look at them from negative in my case, ‘Jeff, you are heavy for your height,’ which made me feel bad, but I am on my way down, this is just the place where I am today—wait until tomorrow. When we hear those labels—cut them off in our head and think I am stepping on them to raise myself up, to make myself stronger, this is just a temporary holding spot and watch me move forward. All of the labels I have cut off now make the stones I am walking on feel softer. The labels that stick to me---allow me to enjoy chocolate---not really! STEP FORWARD----FORWARD STEPPERS—

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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