Thursday, August 21, 2008


“Stopping on 3rd base adds no more to the score than striking out.”

An anonymous client---May 2008

Many of us have played the game Monopoly. We pass ‘GO’ and collect $200, then proceed to give it to another player on the board on the next roll of the dice.—Oh, this is the way I play it LOL. No one stays on ‘GO’ forever because it does not pay again until we go around the board—we must move forward. The same concept applies to our lives. Stopping during good times after a pay-off, or a big plus in our lives, or when concerns are under control is not what we do—we go for it again usually. When tough times come we sometimes stop short of getting to the good times again.

Looking back to review our path to present positions is healthy and should be part of our growth process. Just stop long enough to catch a breath, find the appropriate assistance or encouragement to move forward again, and then be a FORWARD STEPPER. Take the road to third base with the intent of scoring. Look at the strike out like the Dodgers do—we have next year (I can’t believe I wrote that LOL). Take strike outs as a way to mark an area to improve and a place where we set a goal to learn how to score from this position next time. Stopping when things are bleak or we are down only lets us bask in this arena—bask in the sunshine of the new day a more positive place. Savor the positive outcomes we encounter when moving forward. Find ways to score from many positions in life.

Life will always give ups and downs. We will only know this if we are moving. Use the attitude that the spirit of the next journey will bring us forward to a better place. We may have rough roads ahead of us, but smooth roads are just around the corner. Complete the last leg of either a good journey or one that is heading to a better journey for us. Find a way to reap rewards and look at the positive in everything. YOU ARE A FORWARD STEPPER!

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,

PS: I am off on Friday to spend it with my family--SEE Ya Saturday!

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