Saturday, August 16, 2008


“Blocks, we can either walk on them to where we want to go, or see our shadow grow on them.” Jeff Johnson April 2008

Fill in the blanks _____________BLOCKS, or ___________BLOCKS. We can put “building” blocks or “stumbling” blocks as answers. Each answer has a protocol for dealing with those things that block our progress. However, each answer is right, each answer is appropriate; each answer has a place for us to grow forward. YES, GROW FORWARD.

When we are on a growth path and something gets in our way or slows us down we must make a choice. We can either use them as motivators to say, ‘nothing is going to stop me now,’ and climb over them or we can use them as deterrents to stymie our progress. The reason both answers listed above are correct is if the blocks are motivators then this is correct, but if we are stopped, then maybe it is a time to check our energy level and re-charge. The problem is not in being stopped, having problems, being discouraged, or even changing plans, but in the re-starting. It is only a problem if we do not begin again.

When we stop, evaluate why we stopped and most important when are we going to start again. We should NEVER quit, just rest for a bigger growth period when we start again. Look to the brighter side of beginning again, measure successes accomplished and savor them. We all have growth—even little steps allow us to cross a room—look at all the ways you are a FORWARD STEPPER and a GROWTH PATH MAKER. March on!

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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