Thursday, May 22, 2008


“Once a song gets stuck in your head it is hard to get it out. Put the song in your heart and it never leaves.” Jeff Johnson May 2008

“I'm singing in the rain; Just singing in the rain; What a glorious feelin'; I'm happy again; I'm laughing at clouds; So dark up above; The sun's in my heart…” Original Lyrics with Gene Kelly (1952). What a wonderful song with a beautiful verse. I can remember the dance steps, not that I could ever do them mind you, but what a dichotomy. Here is this good looking man, in the rain, dancing and singing. I am thinking no way is this real, but then I listened to the words—what a message. Let’s look at the message together.

The meaning is that “the sun,” is in our heart: The bright spirit, the joyous song, the happy tune bubbling from within. Once it starts bursting at the seams to get out then rain, sleet, snow, or ice will stop it from being expressed. A few rain drops will not stop this powerful feeling from being displayed.

Thinking of good feelings all day, everyday, as much as possible can bring a smile to our lives. Making each moment look brighter by laughing at the ‘clouds’ of our life as we understand they are passing by. Remember the last cloud that poured rain on your parade—where is it now? Gone!!! We will always have clouds in our life, we will face rain on the outside, but keep the sunshine on the inside and maybe dancing in “our rain” will be always possible.

You are a FORWARD STEPPER for thinking of the sunshine in your heart and letting it out while laughing at clouds.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,



brad johnson said...

a little known bit of movie trivia...the 'rain' in that original film was actually milk. Milk apparently showed up better than water, back when that film was first made.

and the dance steps??? come on, scrud, bust a move. get jiggy wid it.

and on your point....ON always. keep writing

Genevieve said...

I've always loved rainy days, I think because a stormy day holds mystery and amazing power; the power of God to take something that is dark, fierce, and scary and bring forth from it a world that has been washed clean from all the filth and made to shine like a new penny. I believe the storms in our life help us appreciate the calms days, just as a thunderstorm makes the sky appear all the more blue. And even when the clouds are dumping tumultuous rain drops, I feel a sense of security knowing that God is near, even more so in those times. So why not sing in the rain, or do as I did the other day, splash through the puddles till your soaked through...only then do you embrace your circumstances for what they are, temporary.

Jeff Johnson said...

Genevieve-thank you for your insight---GREAT!