Saturday, May 17, 2008


“When we look in the mirror is it fair to say, “Mirror Mirror on the wall who should I say is calling? How many times have I walked away from this question or not answered it completely?”

Jeff Johnson May 2008

This is a reflection BLOG. I may do these from time to time to help me think, evaluate, and motivate myself to a new level. Reflection times in my life have been very helpful, stimulating, and have played a key role in motivating me into a new direction or attitude. I also call it mental hygiene.

Several times a year, I take a look at my life and ponder changes that should be made and changes that are in a certain stage of process. Today I am at one of these crossroads. Some of the ponderings relate to health questions: Losing weight, a battle I love to fight, win, and lose again if you know what I mean. How is my physical shape, am I working out enough, missing to much, getting the results I want, and do I need more realistic goals? How about my time with family, friends, my brother, and GOD, are my priorities in order, need adjusting, or are they just absent from my reality now? Last but not least, what improvements are necessary for my occupation, continuing education, and position in life?

This is a time to take a look at my happiness scale. What things do I have in my life that makes me very happy? I must take an inventory—check it twice, and arrange those at the top of my list with priority time—reducing the other times. I can see clearly some changes need to be made here. How much relaxation time do I have in this complicated life I lead---is it ever enough? Do I need more or just change the effective utilization of my time? How much time have I spent on thanking those who have assisted me, those who have encouraged me, and have “watched my back,” do they all feel appreciated?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, do you have any suggestions for who I am—???
This is how I remain a FORWARD STEPPER---by reflecting towards growth.
Walk with me here—enjoy the reflection.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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brad johnson said...

the questions you pose are tremendous for any of us wanting introspection, reflection and thoughtful next steps