Thursday, May 15, 2008


“Always thinking negative produces negative outcomes; Thinking positive can produce new and better outcomes—learning to think different is where it all starts.” Jeff Johnson May 2008

New opportunities present themselves to us everyday. How we look at them determines the approach and ultimately the outcome. Looking at challenges as opportunities takes practice. Changing our approach from negative thoughts to more positive beliefs means taking an inventory of tools that are not used very often and practicing with them. Learning what tools we have can help change our approach to thinking positively versus negatively.

Let’s look at some tools we all possess starting with the smile. When we smile it changes how we perceive things. There are different smiles, but the most rewarding is the smile of happy instead of the hiding or covering up smile. We must be honest with our smile as we practice, but it works to change how we look at things through a smile. Another tool we have is the power of repetition. By saying I can do it; this opportunity will not overcome me because I will prevail; or saying this is going to help me be stronger when I climb this mountain, utilizes strength in numbers approach. The more we say positive things about something the easier it is to accept it and do it. Taking a things will be brighter tomorrow approach will make looking forward to tomorrow pleasant.

The last tool I want to share is the strength in support. Our lives were never meant to tackle things alone. We are designed to be creatures that join and belong to each other. Whenever we have things in our lives we need to have support to assist us, hold us accountable for forward progress, lift our spirits higher than we can solo, and cheer us on to victory in the final stretches. Everyone has an opportunity to both give support and at times receive support. By relying on these tools we can change our attitudes from negative to positive. BE A FORWARD STEPPER FROM NEGATIVE APPROACHES TO POSITIVE. The outcomes will be better.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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