Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In honor of MEMORIAL DAY Week, the motivational BLOGS will center on military core values affecting those who serve in our military.

"To fulfill our duty is not only a service to our Country, but to us."
Jeff Johnson May 2008

Everyday is a new and bright day. We have choices to either make our start happy, positive, and productive, or to be sad, negative, and loose in our productivity. In our lives as human beings, looking upward sometimes can be challenging. Having a change of heart from negative to positive can take work. We have a duty to fulfill our obligations towards ourselves, to honor the changes of improvement accomplished yesterday and develop them more today.

A duty is a moral obligation to something; an obligatory task to conduct in whatever roles we occupy. If we are a student, we have chosen to serve in that capacity—we have a duty to keep our spirits high to be the best student in all capacities. If we are a parent, we have a duty to provide in many areas to children. We can look to a positive approach or a negative mind set to duties.

Look at the upward track—value the thought that things will be better, there is newness to the other side of the issues before us, and we can serve with a strong duty to be positive. This influence carries beyond today, above tomorrow, into generations to come. You are a FORWARD STEPPER by looking for another side that is more positive, for searching for the ‘new’ and improved method to sustain hope, and by always searching for good over bad in everything. Duty—it is a standard.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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