Monday, May 19, 2008


“Sometimes we look for roses and miss all of the other pretty flowers. Life is full of many good things to enjoy that are behind the scenes.”

Jeff Johnson May 2008

Many times life allows us to see very nice things. Sometimes these things are in peoples lives, in events we attend, in comments given to us at ‘just the right time,’ and through watching growth in someone. So many times in my life I fail to see the little details in beauty.

How many times have I witnessed a sunrise or a sunset and marveled at the intense beauty. During these same events I missed the waking up of the night creatures and the sleeping of various flowers and animals? Many times I have witnessed the growth of people in spirit, mind, and body but missed the beauty of the sacrifice and support given by friends, family, and various organizations. Often there is beauty behind the scenes, providing strength, and offering nurture that has as much beauty as the big picture.

The big picture is easy to see, take time to look behind the scenes, consider other beautiful things allowing the big picture to be center stage. When we are FORWARD STEPPERS we look at the details seeing even more beauty. If the old saying is true that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” then hold all we can in our eyes. Search for the small details, the story behind the story. There is more beauty to be enjoyed then just the obvious. Learning how to look closer at all of the details behind the scenes will allow the big picture to have even more intense beauty.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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