Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"Doing what is right when no one else can see is one value—thinking what is right where no one can enter is just as important. " Jeff Johnson May 2008.

In honor of MEMORIAL DAY Week, the motivational BLOGS will center on military core values affecting those who serve in our military.

Thinking out loud can sometimes be dangerous. Sometimes we want to say something either out loud or to someone, but we hesitate or stop because of personal reasons. But how many times do we think negative things about ourselves in places where no one else can share them. To have integrity, in the fullness of the true definition, the mental side of who we are is just as important as the external. A majority of out output is because of our input—mental. Respect of ourselves, thinking, I will do better, I am a good person, I owe myself a brighter more positive me!

Having a willingness to think more positively, to reach deep within ourselves when it is the darkest, this is integrity. The control of the “inner voice,” the moral compass saying, ‘I am looking for the better, the more positive approach, the “I can and will do it, portion of our lives is integrity.” We must hold ourselves accountable to our thoughts. When given a choice of approaching this positive or negatively our persuasion should lean to there is a top to this mountain and I am going to climb it. I will cross the hardest part today then head downhill to a better tomorrow. Life is not always this hard—our circumstances will allow change and my change will be on the brighter side.

You are a FORWARD STEPPER by taking a time-out and reflecting on the choices of each attitude and choosing the brighter side approach, thinking this is temporary, and very shortly my life will be better, I will improve beyond my circumstances, and I AM WORTH IT.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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