Thursday, May 29, 2008


“Excellence is a continuous movement towards improvement. Take smaller steps to the top and realize excellent performances often. Everyone has excellence.”

Jeff Johnson May 2008.

In honor of MEMORIAL DAY Week, the motivational BLOGS will center on military core values affecting those who serve in our military.

Picking goals is good. Obtaining them is very good, but sometimes we pick ultimate goals out of sequence. Even though we provide a sustained effort towards our goal, perhaps we can look at the excellent effort in striving towards the goal. In many circumstances we may need to adjust our first goal, create a secondary goal, to reach our primary target. By allowing many small sustained successes we can realize just how excellent we are.

Creating excellence does not mean graduating first in a class, making everything perfect in an attempt, but developing a sustained and continuous improvement upward. This is accomplished by always striving to improve something, by respecting our accomplishments in the process and rewarding our efforts with proper recognition. If we offer mutual respect for our peers, then it should start from within and be passed outwardly to others as a symbol of our intrinsic feelings. We are never better or worse than anyone else, just in a different area of excellence building.

You are a FORWARD STEPPER by creating continuous growth and improvement small steps at a time. Continue to strive for the best possible outcomes and never give up.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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