Wednesday, June 25, 2008


"Without looking into someones eyes you can never love them. Without feeling accepted by someone you will not be able to form a close relationship. Both are the key to a successful relationship"
Jeff Johnson March 2008

In keeping with my promise of Sunday to openly honor the spirituality side of me this blog will serve this role. To repeat to new viewers, weekdays Monday -Thursday my ministry serves in a spiritual passive manner--Sunday I serve GOD in a more open fashion--enjoy both!

I have 5 or 6 favorite verses in the Bible. I will talk about one of them today--John 3:17; yes, you are reading it right John 3:17. Many people ask why not John 3:16, everyone knows that one and it is so powerful---today you will know the answer. Here is the verse:

John 3 (New International Version)

"17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."
Many of us, yes my hand raises both first and highest, condemn ourselves for things we wish we could change in our lives--the "If only I could be like," statements we see and feel in our hearts. Something different so we could maybe 'Jump like Mike,' or 'shoot like Kobe,' and be as 'smart as_______.' Perhaps it is more to accept ourselves again after past mistakes or choices where a 'do over' would be meaningful. Condemnation can have a public look as well; stigma for the way we wear our hair, tattoos, piercings, alcohol use, smoking, language, use of our life in certain behaviors like divorce or re-marriage or you name it, and even in certain employment opportunities. Life finds a way of "putting us down" and we as human beings create our own ways of putting us down too. It is not hard to understand why acceptance is difficult in a variety of life theatres.

Jesus did came to this earth NOT to condemn, but to LOVE, HEAL, FORGIVE, and offer ETERNAL life to sinners---you & me. Jesus loves you--yes, just like the popular children's song states, "Jesus loves me this I know because the Bible tells me so," it is that simple. How can we expect a higher power to be a part of our lives, beliefs, and on our want list if we are condemned by it. How can relationships grow, flourish, and thrive by feeling 'less than' all of the time. We are created and wired to serve a higher power unique to HIS purposes because HE loves us and wants what we have been wired to do for HIS glory and honor. Everyone--without exception is LOVED by JESUS---not condemned.

Does this mean Jesus loves our sin--NO! Does this mean Jesus appreciates it when we fail in expectations both HIS and OURS--NO!--We should not be perfect--just trying to be better--which we all do. Part of falling down is getting up--we can and should learn from both experiences. Most important we must share and teach both experiences for others (SEE MY 'HOPE' BLOG). We have choices in our lives--all of us in everything we do. When we are trying to live the best we can--JESUS loves us without condemnation. When we fall short or fail in something Jesus loves us without condemnation--WE ARE LOVED. Our experiences can and should help others. When we feel we have fallen short--use it to grow and to give HOPE to someone before they fall in the same manner or to rise up after a repeat of our performances. Where is there time to condemn--where is there a place for it--why waste time with it. Let it not occupy our heart or mind--RISE AND AND WALK (that quote should be in the Bible--LOL).

Spend less time in condemnation of ourselves when others mock, tease or do not accept us as we are created by GOD; spend no time blaming yourself for things not exactly right in our lives or personal growth--look for the positive lesson's in ALL things even through our positive and negative outcomes. Then, spend time in self reflection to learn how to share it and teach it to others. We can start with ourselves in making our life better with less condemnation but turning it into love realizing we have just created a life lesson to serve others in EVERYTHING we do. We can do our part to make the world better--not through condemnation--but through LOVE and acceptance. Forward steppers---love more in all things--condemn less.

Why does Jesus love us? BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT,


Anonymous said...

One of your best articles Jeff ! Keep writing. You inspire me everyday with your positive messages.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Because of who you are ,I am who I am today. You belived in me when no one else did. Now for your blog AWESOME. I hope that it touches many as you have touched me!!! Thank you Jesus for you are amazing!!! I willcome back often and tell others like you taught me.

Jeff Johnson said...

Thank you both (anonymous) for your comments. I appreciate them very much.

brad johnson said...

This is a must read. oh, have i said that before about things you have written? yes! touched me right at my point of need today. I love you.