Sunday, June 29, 2008


"Problems and their successes pass through our life daily. Successful origins of solutions start with a higher power--something more powerful than us--something that created us, a Deity that defeated death. The empty cross is a symbol of the kind of power we are looking for when we need anything. When we need to clean up something really messy we buy a super strength cleaner or a super power absorbent. The symbol of the cross reminds us to trust the power of Jesus--always and in all things. "
Jeff Johnson March 2008

Sunday is my day of worship. This blog will honor Jesus exclusively on Sunday. Research shows that the majority of Americans are seekers--thus my blog during the week is for motivational purposes only. It allows someone to get motivated, upbeat, a welcome and inviting column to lift a spirit, heal a heart or mind, and offer hope in a variety of article topics. Although generalist in spirituality discussions, my opinion is the comfort of being able to seek spirituality on your own has a meaning more intrinsic than preaching at a level you are not ready to receive and I am not capable of giving. But Sunday, for me, is different.

Every solution has a start--just like problems. When seeking a solution to a problem it is important to have a source of healing that is reliable, powerful, and has a proven track record. Jesus is that solution strength for me. I am not perfect, I have problems that still need solutions and things still bother me, but I have a peace inside knowing something more powerful than me is working on a solution. Ending problems is part of life--problems ending is not--Jesus is there in both arenas.

Continue to seek for solutions with positive thoughts and outlooks. Seek for spirituality in your own areas that you have comfort in now--but in all areas of your life be willing to accept growth and change. Humans have an internal design that needs a spiritual piece to be complete. Some say GOD or spirituality is just a crutch--I agree, but we all need crutches from time to time. We also need to have an experience of a deep peace--and we can not get this peace without filling the spiritual gap--I found it through Jesus--the cross is my symbol of this strength that continues to work for me. Today, take time to meditate, pray, seek something in whatever you define as a higher power---grow in another direction. Maybe you need to define a higher power or overcome a hurt from a church experience or a person---seek paths of growth in these areas today. In everything we do today--one day a week to start--look to enhance the spiritual side.
Peace to you and become a forward stepper in the spiritual side today.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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