Wednesday, June 18, 2008


"When our heart speaks, we hear it with all of our senses. This is better than Doby surround sound." Jeff--March 2008.

Illustration ONLY. The young person saved money to build the most modern dream home. Architects were hired; plans were drafted and amended to include the latest technology and fashion. The individual spared no expense on landscape and amenities. The contractor selected was perfect, so meticulous, very skilled and experienced--the project was completed on time. When completed, the individual never moved into the home; the individual never executed the plans.

Whatever belief system you adapted on creation; something has allowed us to be individual and unique. We ALL are wired to do something, given talents and strengths unique and meaningful. Many times I stand and watch American Idol while the young and younger sing like angels. i even see talent in the way Simon dresses--LOL. I have walked along the beaches watching artist sketch and paint scenes that resemble digital photos and I stand amazed at the auto mechanic who can tell me in one minute how $1500.00 will allow him/her to fix my vehicle--and be right about the repair and off +$500.00 on the price! These are all talents. YOU CAN contribute to not only your own well-being with your talents, but assist in the growth of others too.

TODAY is a bright and wonderful new day. Your talents are already designed and built waiting to be utilized. Everyone is worth the time and effort to search for their talents and develop them. Maybe we will not sing, draw, or fix automobiles, but your skills and talents are unique and CAN make the world a better place. Look for the supports necessary to assist you to utilize the wonderful 'home' already built for you. YOU ARE WORTH IT, no expense has been spared--you are priceless, included are the latest in technology and amenities to perform as designed, the architect has designed you perfectly for your talent. Everything has been prepared so meticulously, with a lot of skill and experience you have been crafted, but most importantly--completed on time--NOW.
Carpe Vita Diem (Harvest/Seize Your Life Today).

I Believe In You because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


brad johnson said...

Your optimism inspires me, on what has otherwise been a fairly tough day. Love you.

Anonymous said...

hey dad i told u i would finally get on here so i finally did it is a really good blog site i like your quotes and all that so i guess i will talk to you later