Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"We can not always choose what problems will confront us, but we can pick how we will face them. It is a choice to look at them as obstacles or opportunities. The difference between the two choices is with one we are stuck and with the other we grow; choose well. Jeff Johnson--March 2008

It would be nice to not have any problems--if only life were near perfect I would feel so much better. I had someone say to me, "If I had ____(You fill in the blank with your skill set wish list) all of my problems could be cured." I have joined in the joke that if I had half of the money of a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates I would not have any problems. But everyone has problems no matter how much money or what skill sets you acquire.

There is good news; we have the skills to overcome our problems. The saying, "God never gives us more than we can handle," means HE can fill the basket up--and HE has with me, but it will never overflow. I must admit I have caught stuff pouring over the sides before. However, as human beings we are not wired to do things alone. It is so important to find someone--just one person or more to share our problems. I call it 'my time' to spread the wealth-- 'my' opportunity to grow through helping someone or 'my' time to receive help.

Many times a search through the spiritual side yields strength and perspective. If we do not believe in a higher power, then we are the highest power--and we have problems. I do love Jesus and find my spiritual truths in the Bible and through Jesus. During problem times and good times I depend on my spirituality to help me, guide me, and comfort me. More than once I have found I had the ability--and you do too--to overcome the problem. So many times my approach to the problem was off, the time line was altered, outlook was negative, or my information about the situation was not complete. In the end, my resolve came through the strength of turning it over to my higher power, finding solace in friends, supporters, and NEVER GIVING UP. Problems never end, but neither do solutions. You can conquer what you face with help--your time now is to do it. Choose well.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


brad johnson said...

Oh my, your writing is SOOOO inspirational. each one has helped me for that day. Do you realize you had some bitchin' quotes in this recent blog? "Problems never end, but neither do solutions." and..."If we do not believe in a higher power, then we are the highest power---and we have problems."

awesome stuff

lifechangestoday said...

You go Jeff!! Your writing is very inspiring and thought provoking. You are like a novel just waiting to happen. I didn't know writing ran in the family. You two brothers are funny and I am so glad that you have each other. That is really something to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are amazing... I heard a message one time about how to deal with problems, the speaker said " Instead of magnifying your problems... why don't you magnify your God". In my personal life, I spend more of my energy thinking of solutions.. it drains me faster if I keep on thinking about the problems.