Friday, June 27, 2008


"The life we lead or want to lead is determined by the changes we make in our life. If we are like the merry-go-round ride we will always have the same outcomes--and may get lost among the choices of colorful animals--all with the same ride pattern, but that look new. To change outcomes--we must change rides not just what we are riding."
Jeff Johnson March 2008

"Getting crazy," that is what he said to me starting the conversation. He continued, "Man, don't you ever want to just 'get crazy'?" The answer was 'yes,' more than you will ever know. In fact, looking at change for many is 'crazy.' More truthfully, looking at staying where we are is crazy. So, do we really want to
stay crazy may be the better question.
In order to have changes in our 'crazy' world we must be willing to change our ability to accept new things. It is more than changing the color of horse on the merry-go-round ride. For example, looking for new ways to escape from the craziness of our situation can be a challenge. All views of scenery look the same--and the faster we try to turn it around the more blurry the surroundings. What a weird and crazy way to learn lessons in life. I am reminded of a story here to make my point. There was a doctor watching a mechanic fix his car. The mechanic looked at the doctor and said, "Doc, you and I are a lot alike, we both go inside something and fix it." The doctor smiled and responded, "yes, but I do it while the engine is running." This is how life treats us--we must fix things while going full speed ahead. How crazy is this?

We all can make the necessary changes to improve our life if we only stop long enough to see there are other rides. The pauses in life can be brief, medium in duration, or long--but my gosh man--breathe a little before the next move forward. Take some time to explore options, seek advice, and look for something different than what you are doing now. The options are available. The choices surrounding us are blurry because of our speed of life we travel. What an exciting crazy thought that just as we have situations that confound us--the choices to solve the problem can also confound us---Stop it now---really! Just stop, look, and listen to your heart long enough to feel that change is possible if we change rides in life. Take a time out--as crazy as this seems, and choose how and what your next ride will be. The part that would be crazy is if the ride we were on was the only choice---there are many positive choices available.

So, do we really want to
stay crazy may just be our answer--YES, crazy about making changes that are positive in my life, crazy for taking a time out to choose a new direction, crazy to even think for one moment longer that I need to ride this same horse to the same conclusion again. Step forward with me you forward steppers.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


Julie Hibbard said...
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Jeff Johnson said...

I will not name you, but I know who you are. I am not sure why you removed your comment, but I read it earlier today. I want to say it touched my heart. My comment section is low now, but readership is O.K. I want to touch lives through this blog--always positive, always upbeat, always new and fresh. Today, my only prayer for this blog was answered by your comment--I touched your life in a positive way. Thank you for touching mine.

Julie Hibbard said...

Oh Jeff,
Last night I read it again and it seemed a bit heavy duty! I have a hard time making a point without giving a sermon! (Have you ever read MY blog? Yeah, I'm not shy.)
I am so glad it touched your heart and I will let you know that THIS comment back to me touched MINE!
I really should get off the Merry go Round, but DANG, I like it so much. It's a smooth ride, very predictable and today I don't even mind sitting on one of the animals that DOESN'T go up and down! I really like that ride.
It has stopped going around tho, or at least it's slowing down. I might even get off for a bit. But I'm not wandering far. I am not interested in any other ride. That one is so perfect for me.

In the mean time, can I interest you in a funnel cake? Let's get strawberry topping this time!

Jeff Johnson said...

Thank you so much for writing back. I am very glad you are a reader of my blog. I appreciate your comments. I love funnel cake with strawberry's and fat free whipped topping---go figure. Don't ask---I will have it with diet coke too. Keep reading. I will read your blog and comment.