Saturday, April 26, 2008


“Right times are filled with millions of times looking for it.”
Jeff Johnson
April 2008

Trying to fit things in—squeeze schedules, negotiate priorities in our heads—when do we have time to just do what we really need to do? Our time is precious, there is never enough of it, and what needs to be done now should have been completed yesterday---I think, or was it due the week before? Time---what would we do without it—and what would we do with more of it? We can control it, we do own it, we do accept almost everything we put into it, and yes there is more of it than we think.

The problem is not with the amount of time we have, but in our comfort level with rest. Try this test—stay BOTH still and quiet—eyes closed for five minutes. Look at your watch and note the time and second hand----close your eyes. Next, open your eyes when you think it feels like five minutes are up OR when you can not stand it anymore. Note the time spent in still and quiet. Do you feel guilty or relaxed or both? Many times we feel guilty with idle time—unless we have to much of it.

Everyday we should have a quiet time, and alone time to reflect. Squished time and crowded schedules does not allow for the balance in life necessary to enjoy who we are and what we are doing for ourselves. We all have the time to rest—because the test proved it! Life is beautiful; rest is wonderful, taking a ‘breather’ is necessary to enjoy the busy. Think of the last five minutes—repeat daily—feel better—take time to enjoy life—to enjoy being free—FORWARD STEPPERS—STEP into relaxation.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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