Wednesday, April 9, 2008


“Opening a new door or closing an old door can change a life forever. It really all depends on where you are going.”

Jeff Johnson April 2008

We all have experienced a door slam closed in our face or behind us? In some cases, the experience has been a blessing in disguise or perhaps a heart break. The symbolism of the door slamming has multiple meanings. One thing is for sure—when a door slams we must move out of the doorway into something else. Many times this is the hardest part—leaving something comfortable or uncomfortable and finding something ‘new.’ Sometimes it is voluntary and more often than not—involuntary. We are creatures of habit, so making choices to change is very difficult. However, when they are made our past experiences can allow us to accept better positions in life or consider enhanced alternatives.

Today, if a door has closed for whatever reason, pick up and take a look at what was important behind the door that is left behind. Look at the door as a separation time to evaluate both sides of the door. Consider the experiences necessary to remember for growth and what events should be left behind the door so forward movement can begin. Make up your mind now that “I can do better next time,” or “I will improve my life from this experience”—even if the experience is good or bad. We should learn from every experience in life.

Believe that an old door opens to a new door. Understand the experiences behind the old door can allow us to choose a new door that will allow us to grow into something better than we are leaving. Make up your mind to turn this experience into a positive life changing step—BECAUSE you are a FORWARD STEPPER. Step forward now and take control of the new experiences that are waiting for you.

I believe in you BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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brad johnson said...

doors, windows, opportunities...some taken advantage of...some missed...some lost. Opportunities. there have been many in the past. There are many now. there will be many tomorrow. As always, you have pushed us to see the good before us, rather than the 'slams' behind us. thanks....b