Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"We can feel happiness from the heart and from our heads. But JOY only comes from the heart."
Jeff Johnson April 2008

This blog is motivational during the week and inspirituational on Sunday. Normally, I do not personalize it to much as the focus is on the subject and not me. Today, for the first time, I must break this pattern to explain my joy.

I love my daughter--she is 18 years old and I spoil her as much and as frequently as possible. Presently I am teaching her to drive. This is not the exciting part that brings joy--even though she is doing well at her driving practice, I am spending time with her. My daughter and I must spend 50 hours together as she learns to drive. These are hours when I have a captive audience to talk to her, have her talk to me, and I can give 'dad' life lessons. How much more could a dad ask for then to spend 50 hours of one-on-one time with the apple of his eye? My basketball watching buddy, my pool playing partner, my basketball playing opponent, and my PSII foe, but most of all my little girl.

I have true joy in my heart every time we go out together to drive. We talk, we laugh, we spend time in discussion about all kinds of subjects, and most of all we don't share it with anyone else but us. It is our time. Happiness can come from the head--JOY always comes from the heart. My daughter is my JOY and I tell her many times--I LOVE YOU my precious little girl. What is your joy story? Think on these things today. Joy makes your heart a FORWARD STEPPER.

I believe in you because, YOU ARE WORTH IT,
PS--Sweetheart, I love the ring tones you downloaded on my phone--I am now TIGHT!!!

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