Wednesday, April 16, 2008


“Growing, regenerating, becoming new again, reviving, refreshing, all words that make you smile and feel good inside. Come join me as we do them all.”

Jeff Johnson April 2008

The only way you can have growing pains is to offer resistance—or exercise. I hope my doctor doesn’t read this sentence. To many times we feel a need to grow, or expand (not our waistline) but emotionally, internally, spiritually, or professionally. Soon the search is on to fill this need in our life. There needs that are not being fulfilled, something is amiss, or maybe we just need a change. All of these emotions are natural and healthy. But sometimes we don’t have the desire to change; in fact, change scares us or causes emotions that are hard to predict. Some of us have become ‘stuck’ in a rut and the hole is becoming bigger. There is hope for both cases.

RENEW YOUR SELF!! Yes, ‘make yourself new, restore yourself, reaffirm what it is or was that brought you to the point in life whereby you were happy to be there. Take time to REALLY sort this out inside. Sometimes, many more times than we can count, we need to stop and figure out just how fast we are moving. Recharging takes time, it takes a planned opportunity to focus on us—no one else. Think of what it would take to build a small house out of wooden matches. It takes this much focus to change direction and restore the physical and or mental vigor desired. The end result of taking a time out is we can start over, we can become new again, and we can bring into being again, and resume those behaviors when we were once happy.

Step up FORWARD STEPPERS; find that cause to reappear in new form, replenish yourself, repeat those old familiar steps that were once full of life and desire—they are there, list them, walk them again and again, and start over-- regenerate. We can fill our new needs, we can satisfy our yearnings, and just the thought excites us. Instituo-ui-utum reparo—“begin now to renew.”

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


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brad johnson said...

scrudly...have I told you how much I like the phrase "forward steppers?"