Wednesday, July 23, 2008


"It was just a ball and a racquet and all we had to do was hit this little ball with the racquet--yeahhh--how hard. It ended up taking a lot of focus--maybe the lesson is if we have something that looks so simple we should focus on the outcomes more than the appearance."
Tennis anyone?

Jeff Johnson March 2008

This blog is not going to be about self disclosure--full time. I use examples sta
rting with "I" but the purpose is for motivation. But, if I may, I would like to share a story--still holding true to the blogs purpose. Today, I played tennis with a friend for the first time in 10 years. Can I describe it with a 5 letter word and still have a PG blog rating---yes---my game sucks. I had a blast watching the ball go by as my friend waited for a return shot--he was very patient. Life is like that for us sometimes. We all know the object of some of the games. The tools we use look like it will be simple to succeed or at least play O.K.--but when we set the life movement at warp speed, the tools we have appear smaller than they appear in our hands---we lose more shots than we gain. All is not lost or bad--we still have played the game, gained experience, and yes---we like the Angels (O.K. Dodger fans) we still have tomorrow or next year LOL.

Take time to look at the tools you have in your life. Now this next line will crowd the PG blog rating I want to maintain--so if children are in the room, please use caution-------a 4 letter wor
d is coming----------------------STOP!!!!! Try this as a warm up exercise. Get your calendar out--mark off 20 minutes of time for YOU--and show up on time with an ORANGE. Now follow these directions very carefully and precisely---STUDY THE ORANGE. Look and study the shape, feel it with your eyes open, then closed. Before you open your eyes--smell it--slowly--remember you have 20 minutes--take all 20 minutes--don't skimp. Study the dimples--are they all the same size--or are they like snowflakes or Dodger games--different. Test the feeling when you lightly apply pressure or press it against your face or hand or roll it. Now peel it--slow--what does the first pee look like--the meat--continue this process until you have consumed the orange. Then think about the beauty, the things you observed, the feelings you are having now experiencing it all again. Take the entire 20 minutes and enjoy it. What have you done---in most cases you have now spent more time exploring an orange, analyzing, smiling, smelling, focusing on, and learning about an orange than you have taken on doing the same thing about yourself. Next lesson---you are the orange--repeat as necessary.

Will this help your tennis game or mine---NAAHHHHH--but who needs a good tennis game when we can enjoy an orange and learn about us and life. Take a forward step you forward steppers.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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