Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"When things are bad we feel bad, but when things are good we feel good. We should look for good in everything so we are feel-IN-good all the time."
Jeff Johnson March 2008

Everyone likes to feel good. It is impossible to have things go right all of the time--except in Pleasantville :-). Each day and night in our life brings opportunity for good and bad things to occupy our attitude. When good things happen to pass our way, do we spend time looking at them to see ALL of the good we can in this event? But, when the bad times come we can not analyze it enough. We have actually practiced studying the bad and really ignore all of the good except for the occasional thank-you card responsive items. Truly, we enjoy feeling good and having good things happen to us versus having bad happen to us and feeling terrible.

Many times we hear the phrase, 'count to ten to calm down before acting out,' when anger is in our path. Sometimes I need to request a double take on this--the first take is the traditional 1-10, my second take is 11-100 LOL. How many times do we take 'ten' when
good is in our path so we can act out more expressively, reflect on it, and absorb a deeper meaning? If it is true to hold our thoughts and wrap our emotions around anger prior to acting out then the converse would be true for good things. We have actually practiced dwelling on anger and bad things and take good things for granted--SOME OF THE TIME.

Today, take time to list 5 good things that have happened in your life in the last week. Spend 5 minutes looking at how wonderful it made you feel to have the good things happen to you. Consider what life would be like if those things were absent, and try to locate a deeper meaning from the good--a life lesson to carry forward. Put the 'good' to the same test we put anger. The title of this article is "feel-n-good,' this can be a new beginning and a chance to grow.
Step forward you forward steppers--learn how to feel good in all things--practice makes perfect.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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