Monday, July 28, 2008


"Looking for things is a good way to find things. Looking intrinsically at ourselves may do the same thing. " Jeff Johnson--Feb. 2008

Yes, I write sayings. I may have about 20,000 of them--most of which I will never use again--some are repeats. I enjoy writing sayings that touch hearts, minds, and me. I plan on posting my motivational sayings too.

So, how do we change?

Everyday we do things that has value in our lives. Maybe we have a job we like, or maybe we value the money only. Perhaps it is a place or activity we frequent because of the value we
perceive it brings us. But what if this place or activity brings us severe negative consequences?

I have one of those places--the buffet line. I love food--more importantly, I love food that is sweet. The value I get is that it taste good, it is filling, and it is abundant in choices--I can choose something new daily. The problem is I don't like to gain weight. Eating sweets by itself is not what puts on weight. Lack of exercise, lack of control on portions and number of servings, and the total amount consumed before the 'sweet spot'--all contribute to weight gain. So, if we know all of this why do we continue to indulge? The answer is we value the weight gain more than measuring the other considerations first. Our overall plan is to go eat without regard to outcome--until later.

When we really see change begin is when we place more value on the new behavior and consequences than on the old behavior and outcomes. I am not going to give a dissertation on how to change in this blog. My point is change starts with a new 'owned' perception in values. Many times the hardest part of change is not goal setting or finding the right intervention to make it happen--but accepting ownership and belief we will succeed.

Before I start on a change in my life, I set realistic goals with a lot of support and advice. This is the easy part--the hard part--accepting
success of this change in my head and heart. I keep thinking of how many times I have started and failed, how many promises I have broken, and how many plans are laid to rest because I got what I valued most---quitting and giving up.

What is it that will make you accept, "I can succeed at anything." What are the barriers to building successes in your life? How do we change? Read the saying/quote I wrote above--the answer is partially there. Look at changes that have succeeded in your life, look at the positive in your life and grow on the elements that made those succeed. Do not be afraid to accept hard times, but find strengths already existing inside you to keep you working
towards new values and changes. We change by:
1. Identifying things (1 at a time) we want to change
2. Believing in ourselves that we can change--owning the new changed value
3. Using our strengths already developed inside us to NEVER GIVE UP.

Believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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