Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"Our actions sometimes do not match our intentions."

Jeff Johnson March 2008

The other day I put on my socks and shoes and left for work in a hurry---YESSSSSS I was fully dressed otherwise LOL. Once at work, I crossed my legs during a session and noticed my socks did not match. I like to wear socks that have wild patterns, so the mismatch was very noticeable. During the entire day I was uncomfortable and self-conscious about the conflict in my life. What I should have done is to take both socks off so at least I felt more at ease with temporarily improved condition. However, the degree of ill-at-ease was manageable so I lived with the status quo.

Many times we desire to move in one direction, but we take actions in another direction or stay stationary. This inactivity or mismatch in direction makes us feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about our life. In most circumstances of mismatched direction we doubt our original decision, our ability to move in the new direction or towards the new goal, until we change our ‘socks’ and totally match. It is time now to not accept the status quo and make the necessary changes to improve our lives.

Decide today to remove the resistance and barriers to feeling good and start getting your life back. If we are tolerating the comfort level then the barrier can not be that severe. Remove the ‘socks’ now as an acceptable temporary remedy. Do not let the stationary position of trying to go in two directions at once allow you to doubt and stop forward movement. Seek the help you need to move forward—move the obstacle before moving your desire. You are a forward stepper—so continue stepping forward.

I believe in you because you are worth it,


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