Thursday, October 1, 2009


“We ravel familiar roads easier because we know the way. New roads to travel are easier when we have help to build familiarity. Giving and receiving help is a way of life.” Jeff Johnson May 2008

This is a story told to me by someone else. I am unsure of the author, but know it is not me. Nonetheless, the message is the source of our motivational BLOG today.

There was once a man in a deep hole. A pastor came upon the man in the hole and heard his cries for help. The pastor said I will pray for your safe return to the top and walked away. A while later a doctor heard the man yelling for help. The doctor stopped and wrote out a prescription to the man saying, “Here is something that will help.” The doctor walked away. Another man hearing the pleas for help walked to the edge of the hole and jumped in. The man in the hole stated, “Now we are both stuck in this hole.” The man who jumped in said, “No, I have been in this hole before and I know the way out.” In this instance, there was not a wrong method of help provided. Everyone with a gift and talent gave their gift and talent unselfishly. It just was not the right combination for this situation. However, each person who stopped provided hope for recovery.

When we are looking for help, don’t despair, the right help is on its way. It may take several tries to get the right combination. Look at help from individuals that do not go-all-the-way to completion as bringing relief and strength until the help that brings us out of the hole arrives. If we are providing the help and it just does not seem to be enough, do not become discouraged, your role has been met by being unselfish in giving the best of gifts and talents for the moment. Some relief and strength have been provided to allow another intervention to accommodate this situation.

Fear not those in need of help and assistance; continue to seek answers for total relief because the correct combination is coming. The next time it may be your time to offer gifts and talents. Be a FORWARD STEPPER as a giver and at times a receiver. Everyone has a turn at both. There is no harm in receiving just as there is no harm in giving even when the end result needs more work. Keep STEPPING FORWARD givers and receivers alike.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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