Friday, March 21, 2008


"Light can travel infinitely--but headlights and flashlights only provide light to a specific point. Knowing you have unlimited potential and stopping at a particular point can teach us to lift our lights to another point---we have more room to travel--stretch the lighted path."
Jeff Johnson March 2008

Ever plan a trip to a foreign place? Maybe not out of the country or far away, but a new place for you? When you planned the trip did you plan to go farther than the destination or to stop at the end of your plan? Many times we plan to go to a certain point and when we arrive we stop--like in the trip analogy. Sometimes we stay to long at one point and sometimes the original destination where we stop was never intended to be our final stop. We just became comfortable and stopped.

I would like to share a story I heard from someone else--THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL MATERIAL-- I DO NOT KNOW THE AUTHOR--SO HERE IS MY CITATION--the best I can do.
"There was once an African American grandmother in the deep south. She had a large family and everything she made was from scratch. The families favorite item for her to bake were her homemade biscuits. So, one after noon grandma kneaded the dough, formed the biscuits by hand, and placed them in the oven while everyone watched. It was not long and the smell of homemade biscuits filled the house and raised anticipation to a frenzy. When the time came to pull them out of the oven grandma called everyone around. The tray was filled with biscuits, but instead of being high and full they were flat as pancakes. One of the children asked, "What happened to the fluffy biscuits grandma?" Grandma looked at the family and said, "Well the biscuits squatted to rise and then they ended up getting cooked in the squat."" Many times we are like the biscuits--we start out in a beginning position to get started, then just stop--even though our destination is within reach.

We have reachable destinations within our potential. We are created to thrive and succeed. Do not look at where you are as the only place in life that will allow you to stay--look at your place in life as the step you are on now getting ready to move into something else. The stepping stones that lead upward sometimes have flat spots so we can sprint to the finish. Start reaching for new things with enthusiasm and willingness to make it. Set your goals a little higher and when you reach them--set new ones. If the path to making it to where you want to go is dull, boring, old, or covered in "I can't do it," find a kick start today.
Let your light shine in the farthest direction because even though you may not be able to see the end--it does come when we walk towards it long enough. Step out and up forward steppers.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

PS: Make sure to read my Sunday's Easter post!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful message !!! I am at a point in life where I feel I have reached the point where I wanted to be. Do I keep going and try and reach for more ? or Do I stop and enjoy the destination which to begin with is where I wanted to be ? I am so inspired by your amazing thoughts. Keep writing. I am promoting your blogs.

Jeff Johnson said...

Anonymous: I am moved by your comments--thank you for commenting. Please pass it along to your friends--it is my ministry. Have a wonderful day.

brad johnson said...

you da' bomb (as I understand, that is a good thing.) :-)

You are motivational... you are a terrific brother. Can't wait for your sunday blog. I was already looking for it when Heidi reminded me that it's not yet Sunday. (old and forgetful). loveya

Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.