Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is the title of my blog too. But for the first blog I thought it would be fitting on how and why I named it "You are Worth it." I work with individuals who have severe and chronic mental illness along with substance abuse--recent history or present use. This diagnosis is called a Co-Occurring Disorder. When I first started working in a program I asked my first participants this question, "How many of you think you are worth it?" Everyone in the room had their hands in their pockets or hidden from view. Some cried when I told them I thought they were worth it. After a long treatment process, hard work from the participants, and much soul searching from everyone, some of the participants who started a hard program towards recovery graduated from the program. During the ceremony, the number one comment that they said touched them was my constant comment drilled into their heads, "You are Worth it." My turn to cry was when I heard these words as they looked at me and said, "I now know I am worth it."

A few days ago a new girl joined our program. She came into the group and her first comments to the group were, "I do not feel I am worth it." The veteran participants almost in unison said, "Don't say that around Jeff--he doesn't believe it and neither do we---NOW!"

How many times in life do we feel "less than" or "short changed" in life? Do you ever wish like I have that I had more talent, more brain power, or could jump higher like Kobe? The fact is we all in some way hope for or wish for better things. But, GOD uses use the way HE created us--with the good and bad together. We can either cry in our soup or find ways to allow it to make us stronger--and others stronger too.

I want this to be a blog that makes you think more positive about things. I want this to be a blog to make you feel better about yourself--NO MATTER WHAT. But most of all, I would like for you to feel that YOU ARE WORTH IT and EVERYONE CAN GET THEIR LIFE BACK.

Read, enjoy, return, share your experiences, and grow with me.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,


brad johnson said...

I love you!!!! This is an amazing blog. I am so proud you are my brother. Your writing will help many many people. Write every day regardless if anyone comments. You have a gift, both of encouragement, and of writing.

Ann said...

I would love to GET MY LIFE BACK!

But the message I get from within and without says, "You are not good enough".

To change this to "You are worth it" seems impossible. I know, with God all things are possible.

I have discovered recently that reading blogs helps me identify similarities and differences between myself and others and this helps me clarify what to choose and that is to get a LIFE.

Thanks for your blog Jeff.