Tuesday, September 15, 2009


"We see desire everyday as we watch the sun rise--desiring to have a good day, and every night when we watch the moon appear we desire to have a good nights rest. Each of us has a desire--something we long for, something we want, something we reach for in our hearts, our minds, and our dreams. All dreams start with desire--start yours today."
Jeff Johnson March 2008

Desire is that tug at your heart--the feeling in the middle of your chest when something is truly an intrinsic want--or maybe a need. The feeling of desire can be lustful in nature, cognitive by design, and ever present in time and space--without limits. Desires can be things that we once had and 'want again' or pursuits. Desires can create smiles, laughter, heartache and longings never to be realized or achieved--desires are the things dreams surround. But they must exist to move us forward. They must be identified and conceptualized to a point we can place them in a priority order so as to make sense of them when we search for them to become reality. I like to think of desires as possible realities 'In Vivo,' that which takes place inside a living organism. In science, 'in vivo' refers to experimentation done in a living tissue.

This is the exciting part--we must be alive to have desire--DUH! Not only outside, but inside: emotionally, cognitively, hopeful, dreaming, feeling, growing, reaching out mentally, letting our hearts feel again and again--communicating with our brains to our emotions. The power of desire lifts us up and controls the passions held captive by environment. How powerful is this desire? Nations have been built because of desires, homes and lives have been restored because of desires, communities have attained goals because of desires. Desire is where it all starts--desire allows us to live--to realize we are alive inside. To have desire means we are starting something passionately.Wen we have desire we can change the world. When we have desire we can change our life. When we have desire we can transform this into a hope, that develops into a reality. Yes, if you have just one desire that is enough. Desire starts the dream, dreams start the plan, plans start the......you fill in the rest. Maybe life has dealt the cards wrong THIS TIME, but nothing is forever if we have a desire to change it. Do you feel the desire tug, can you
desire see the other picture--the way you want it? Look, feel, think about the desires you have---this is the power of new life. This is your power through desire. Enjoy the power of desire--it is LIFE because it comes within a life. Now step forward and appreciate something good in your life that has come true because it started with desire. You are a forward stepper.
Vita Abundans Semper
--Life Abundant Always.

I believe in you because YOU ARE WORTH IT,

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Anonymous said...

desire is a joke. Life throws you what ever it wants to. I learned along time ago that having desires only leaves you cheated.